• Mar 8 2023
    Baptisms August 6th, 2022

    On August 6th of 2022, we welcomed 2 new families to the Faith! Nine new Orthodox Christians, Glory  to God!!

  • Mar 6 2023
    Cheesefare Sunday 2023

    We had quite a turnout on Cheesefare Sunday. Our members come from all over Western Oklahoma and some even from Kansas!  Come and worship with us!

  • Apr 18 2019
    2019 Holy Week and Pascha

  • Mar 18 2019
    St. Basil Hosts 2019 Pan Orthodox Vespers

    Last Sunday, March 17th, St. Basil Mission had the great privilege of hosting this year’s Pan Orthodox vespers. Orthodox faithful from St. Elijah’s Antiochian Orthodox parish and St. George’s Greek Orthodox parish in Oklahoma City, Holy Ascension Antiochan Orthodox parish in Norman, and St. Mary’s Ukrainian Orthodox parish in Jones. All gathered at our mission […]

  • Apr 10 2018
    Catechumen Evgeny Thieszen Chrismated on Holy Saturday

    We had the joy of receiving our catechumen Evgeny (now Tikhon) into the holy Orthodox Church through Chrismation on Holy Saturday!

  • Oct 14 2017
    Outside Entrance Icon Blessed and Mounted

    The gold leaf, ornate trim will be added in the next few weeks…Royal doors to follow!

  • Mar 5 2017
    Mustafa (Cyril) Sami Received as a Catechumen

  • Jan 10 2017
    2107 Blessing of the Waters in Weatherford

        Blessing of the Waters of Rader Park in Weatherford OK.  

  • May 4 2016
    Pascha 2016 in Our New Temple

    This years Pascha celebration was a particularly joyous event for our mission as it saw our first Paschal celebration in our new temple!

  • Apr 12 2016
    Marquette University Posts 19 of Bishop Alexander’s papers and 8 of his books in link below

  • Apr 7 2016
    Bishop Alexander Golitzin is named the new bishop of the South.

    We at St. Basil the Great Mission have been laboring the entire time our mission has been in existence without a bishop…Thank God that problem has been solved! Bsp Alexander is a scholar and a hesychast as well as a very experienced pastor – I am very grateful he has been chosen (and has agreed) […]

  • Oct 20 2015
    Wednesday Evening Study of God, man, and the God-man Jesus Christ to begin tomorrow 10/21

    Join us for our study of  apostolic theology, anthropology and christology – and how it has formed the Holy Tradition of the Apostolic/Orthodox Church.    

  • Oct 8 2015
    St. Basil Temple Remodel Nearly Complete!

    One more coat of varnish to apply on Monday…receiving ‘occupancy’ from the city tomorrow. Then blessing the temple and serving the vigil this Saturday (10/10)  4:00 – 6:00 PM, and the divine liturgy the next day: Sunday 10/11 at our usual time of 9:30 AM (Hours 9:10). For those of you who are local that […]

  • Feb 28 2015
    Reception of Catechumens Alban and Michael

  • Feb 27 2015
    Temple Construction Progress!


  • Feb 27 2015
    Baptism of Joseph London 1/25/15


  • Dec 19 2014
    Reflection before Nativity

    Reflection before Nativity

  • Aug 5 2014
    Sermons and Calendar updates

    August’s calendar is now posted – as are last Sunday’s sermon as well as the sermon on the Feast of St’s Peter and Paul. And in the next few days I hope to post pictures of our recent pilgrimage to St’s Anthony and Paisius monasteries.

  • Feb 3 2014
    St. Basil Mission Pilgrimage to St.’s Paisius & Anthony’s Monasteries

    St. Basil Mission will be making it’s first pilgrimage to the Arizona monasteries of St’s Paisius and Anthony’s in two weeks. We hope this will be a semi-annual pilgrimage, returning again in late summer. Please contact Fr. Nicklas if you would like further information.  

  • Dec 10 2013
    Upcoming Nativity and Patronal Feast: the Church as Counter-Culture on Display

    See this month’s calendar  December 2013 Mission Calendar for the times of services for our Nativity celebration and Patronal feast on New Years Eve and New Years day. There is maybe no other time of year when the counter-culture of the Historic Church is so visibly on display as at Nativity/Christmas – and especially in our […]

  • Nov 20 2013
    Calendar updated with Thanksgiving schedule

    Please note our Thanksgiving day Divine Liturgy. Unique to American Orthodoxy is this service approved by St. Tikhon in 1901 when he was the Bishop of North America. This Divine Liturgy has been celebrated here for the last 112 years by Orthodox Americans. Here is St. Tikhon’s dedication: “This translation of the Thanksgiving service of […]

  • Aug 1 2013
    August Calendar and Sunday, 7/28 Sermon Posted

    This month’s Calendar (as with all of them) notes the Divine Liturgies during the week-days in particular. However unlike July, August is a very full liturgical month, with not only the Dormition Fast and Feast, but also the Procession of the Life-Giving Cross and the Transfiguration of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Also please […]

  • Jul 26 2013
    3rd and 4th Weeks of Pentecost Sermons Posted

    These messages continue our reflection of Pentecost…

  • Jun 27 2013
    Pentecost Sermon Added

    Pentecost Sermon

  • Jun 1 2013
    Podcast Interview of Fr. Nicklas by Jason Dibler of Main Street

  • Apr 23 2013
    Holy Week Service Schedule

    Click here for our Holy Week Schedule. Holy Week 2013 Schedule

  • Apr 7 2013
    April Calendar and Sermons updated

    Our service calendar for April is posted – and all of the latest sermons…In their perspective tabs. -Fr. Nick

  • Feb 20 2013
    Fr. Constantine Nasr to Speak at SWOSU

    Ancient Christianity of the Middle East Comes to Weatherford

  • Jan 9 2013
    Visit from the Wilsons

    Bev and I had the great pleasure of a visit from the Wilsons: Dn. Joel & Tessi, the girls Mara and Winnie and our God-son Liam (Michael).  If you’ve followed this site and/or the history of St. Basil Mission you know Dn. Joel co-founded the mission with me during the summer of 2011 while we […]

  • Jan 2 2013
    January 2013 Calendar

    January’s calendar is posted on the calendar tab above

  • Dec 28 2012
    Sunday Before Nativity

    Sermon on the Sunday before Nativity

  • Dec 10 2012
    Luke 18 Sermon: The Rich Ruler

    Luke 18 Rich Young Ruler sermon

  • Dec 10 2012
    December Calendar

    December 2012 Calendar

  • Nov 2 2012
    Visit From Our Portland Friends

    Our family had the great blessing of welcoming and worshipping with our dear friends Matushka Connie Shank and Brigid Gerard last Sunday at the mission. As with the fist Divine Liturgy we celebrated, as well as the first one I celebrated as a new priest at the mission, there was the unmistakable feeling that we […]

  • Sep 18 2012
    Mid September – Mid October Calendar

    St Basil midSept midOct Calendar

  • Aug 10 2012
    The August 2012 Calendar is Posted !

  • Jul 6 2012
    July Calendar Posted

  • Jun 27 2012
    St Basil Mission Receives Boniface (Tanner) Tindell as its First Catechumen

           We had the great joy of receiving our first catechumen into the mission last Sunday: Boniface (Tanner) Tindell. Boniface is the adult son of Mary (Leah) Tindell who last summer was the first one baptized at St. Basil’s.                      He has been searching […]

  • Jun 19 2012
    Dn. Nicklas Ordained to the Holy Priesthood

         On St. Thomas Sunday I had the humbling privilege of being ordained to the Holy Priesthood by His Beautitude Metropolitan Jonah in the Cathedral of St. Seraphim in Dallas, Texas. It was not only a special day for me personally but a special day for St. Basil Mission as its first priest.    […]

  • Apr 12 2012
    Metropolitan Jonah Ordains St. Basil’s Nick Aiello to the Holy Diaconate

    It was a double-blessing to be ordained to the holy diaconate on the Feast of the Annunciation. Not only is that the name of the parish where my family and I began our journey into the Church, but it is also where my confessor and many of my oldest and dearest friends remain.     […]

  • Oct 26 2011
    Back at St. Tikhon’s…

    Having just been reminded by my ‘missions professor’ to stay up with the site, I thought I’d give a summary of why I’ve been silent for the last month or so…for those of you who may not know. At the end of August I left my home and mission in Oklahoma to return to my […]

  • Aug 27 2011
    Mary Tindell’s Baptism

    It was truly a blessed day. After a long distance catechumenate  that lasted over a year and a half, Leah Tindell entered the holy Orthodox Church as Mary (Magdalene).  In the kind of wonderful (apparent) coincidence that I’m finding comes with being Orthodox, the parish and people that really brought Mary to this point were […]

  • Aug 3 2011
    St. Basil’s Calendar Added to Webpage

    We’ve added our monthly calendar to the website (it’s one of the tabs on the top of the page)…This will allow you to track what we’re doing – both in terms of worship and as a community.

  • Aug 2 2011
    St. Basil’s Mission Chapel to Remain Open!

    We had a wonderful dinner yesterday at our place with four of the people in the mission. It was very satisfying to hear them share their stories and watch them get to know each other.  For a small town the difference between them – and how they found (and are finding) the Church – is […]

  • Jul 18 2011
    Thoughts and talks with Joel on the Mission – and the Mission of the Church: Part II

    …If you view the Church as a crop that has to be planted, cultivated, protected and harvested, as well as providing the seeds for other crops, you’ll also hold to the interpretation of the Apostle Paul’s metaphor of 1 Cor. 3:6 “one planting and one watering but God giving the increase;” that the Church is […]

  • Jul 16 2011
    Thoughts and talks with Joel on the Mission – and the mission of the Church: Part I

    We bid Joel and Tessi and the girls (and Liam) good-bye yesterday morning. Sure hard to see them go. Joel and I (as I have mentioned before) formed a real partnership in the mission and his input and participation and enthusiasm has been invaluable to me. We’ve had this ongoing discussion of what missions really […]

  • Jul 14 2011
    First Divine Liturgy Served in Weatherford / Clinton Area

    As wonderful as the daily Readers Matins and Vespers services have been, there’s nothing like serving with a priest – just as there’s no other service like the Divine Liturgy. The Tuesday evening Vespers service with Fr. Michael was very blessed but today’s Liturgy was even more so.The Liturgy is always grace-filled of course, but […]

  • Jul 7 2011
    Historic First Divine Liturgy To Be Served at St. Basil’s Mission on July 13

    Yesterday morning we received an encouraging email from Preist Michael Storozuk, rector of St. Paul the Apostle Orthodox Church in Denison, TX.  He informed us that after hearing our story and seeing our website, he felt convicted to come and serve the Divine Liturgy here at St. Basil’s in Weatherford.  We’re honored, blessed and very […]

  • Jul 6 2011
    Christianity Today Interviews Orthodox Hierarch, Metropolitan Kallistos Ware

    Evangelical magazine, Christianity Today, published an interview today with Metropolitan Kallistos Ware of Great Britain.  Metropolitan Kallistos answered several difficult questions about the state of Orthodoxy in the West, the Orthodox approach to evangelism, as well as her involvement in “social justice.”  Here is one of the questions: Q: In open countries where Orthodoxy has […]

  • Jul 5 2011
    Mission Journal – Entry 2

    Today after Matins we went to coffee at what is becoming our regular place. If you’ve ever been to a downtown Portland, OR or Soho coffee shop you’ll be able to visualize the place…I had seen the owner twice before when we were there but hadn’t introduced myself – preferring instead to wait until he’s […]

  • Jul 5 2011
    Read Our Interview on “Byzantine, Texas”

    Intrigued by the unique efforts of Saint Basil the Great Orthodox Mission, Joseph, author of Orthodox Christian blog “Byzantine, Texas,” recently asked us several questions about this mission.  He was kind enough to post the interview to his blog which you can read here.  Here is one of the questions: What are the current and […]

  • Jul 1 2011
    Mission Journal – Entry 1

    We did Matins today and R showed up again. We had a wonderful Prologue reading that allowed a great discussion – at least I thought so. After we had a cup of coffee (again, in our cassocks) we stopped by R’s business to drop off a few items he loaned the mission and ask him […]