Sermon on the Sunday of St. Mary of Egypt


Sermon on the Sunday of St. John of the Ladder


Sermon on the Sunday of the Cross


Sermon on the Sunday of St. Gregory Palamas


Sermon on the Sunday of the Triumph of Orthodoxy

Sermon on Forgiveness Sunday, Expulsion of Adam and Eve from Paradise

Sermon on Luke 11:15-32


Sermon on Luke 18:10-14, Publican and Pharisee


Sermon on Luke 19:1-10, Zacchaeus Sunday

Sermon on Matthew 15:21-28, The Caananite Women

Sermon on Matthew 25:14-30, Parable of the Talents

Parable of the Talents

Sermon on Luke 18:25-34, the blind man of Jericho


Sermon on Matthew 4:12-17, the great light of repentance

Sermon on Luke 14’s parable of the great feast

Sermon on Luke 18’s account of Jesus’ response to the Rich Young Ruler

Sermon on Luke 13:10-17, Jesus healing on the sabbath

Sermon on Luke 12:16-21, the parable of the Foolish Rich Man

Sermon on Luke 10:25-37, the parable of the Good Samaritan

Sermon on Luke 8:41-56, Jesus raising Jairus’ daughter and healing the women with the issue of blood.

Sermon (audio) on Luke 5:1-15, Healing/Calling the Gadarene demoniac


Sermon on Sunday of All Saints

Acts 2, The Pentecost of Christ  May 27, 2018

The Sunday of St. Mary of Egypt


Matthew 25.31−43, The Last Judgment

Luke 15.11-32 The Prodigal Son

Luke 18.10-14 The Publican and the Pharisee

Luke 19. 1-10 Sunday of Zacchaeus, An Earnest Desire

Matt. 15.21-28, The Canaanite Woman

Luke 18.35-43 The promised Land

Matthew 4.12-17 The great Light

the Baptism of Christ by St John Chrysostom

Matthew 2.1-25 Flight into Egypt

Luke 14- The Invitation to the Feast