Daily Services

  1. Matins (Morning Prayers) or the Divine Liturgy  and Vespers (Evening Prayers) will be served nearly every day at St. Basil the Great Orthodox Mission in Weatherford, OK.  There are several feasts interspersed as well – see our Calendar page for details.  All are welcome to join us in prayer and to learn more about Ancient Christianity – the Orthodox Church!

*Services this week (03/29/20)

Monday 03/30           Matins 9:00 AM

                                         Live stream Discussion 1:00 PM

                                          Vespers 5:00 PM (St. Innocent of Alaska)

Tuesday 03/31         
Wednesday  04/01        Live stream Discussion 1:00 PM

                                              Matins with Great Canon of St. Andrew of Crete                                                            4:00 PM  (Reading the life of St. Mary of Egypt)

Thursday  04/02         Matins 9:00 AM

                                            Live stream Discussion 1:00 PM

                                            Moleben sung in time of Epidemic 5:00 PM          

Friday  04/03                  Liturgy of Presanctified Gifts 5:00 PM
Saturday  04/04             Vigil 4:00 – 6:15 PM  
Sunday 04/05                 Sunday of St. Mary of Egypt

9:10 AM Hours / 9:30 AM Divine Liturgy of St. Basil the Great 

*As per our bishop’s directive, these services are “video only” with only the serving clergy present…to view them contact Fr. Nicklas at  nick@saintbasil.org


About the Services

Censing at Matins

What is Matins?

Matins (also spelled Mattins, from the Latin, matutinae, “morning”) is the Western familiar term for Orthros (from the Greek, meaning “morning”, “dawn” or “arise”).  It is the most intricate of the daily cycle of services (see below).

Vespers at a parish in Missouri

What is Vespers?

Vespers (from the Greek, ῾εσπερα, and the Latin, vesper, meaning “evening”) is first service of the daily cycle of divine services celebrated in the Orthodox Church. Because the liturgical day begins at sunset, Vespers is traditionally served in the early evening.

The Daily Cycle of Services

  1. Vespers (sunset)
  2. Compline (after-dinner) – also known as Apodeipnon
  3. Midnight Office (12:00am) – also known as Mesonyktikon
  4. Orthros (sunrise) – also known as Matins
  5. First Hour (6:00am)
  6. Third Hour (9:00am)
  7. Sixth Hour (12:00pm)
  8. Ninth Hour (3:00pm)